Golf-Beginner Basics I

Over the past forty five years golf has gained enormous popularity.  It’s given us hampions like Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, Tiger Woods and world famous courses like Pinehurst, Augusta, National and the Blue Monster at Doral.

What is it about golf that has launched its popularity?  A lot can be attributed to the opportunity to be outside, get a whole body workout, enjoy leisurely networking with friends and colleagues, and the pleasure of playing a game you will never perfect.

Of course, over time, your scorecard will show some improvement, which will draw you back to playing over and over again.

For the person who has no idea what the game of golf is about, lets start with a very basic lesson.

Golf is played on a course with eighteen holes.  Each hole has a number of “strokes” or swings, to get the ball into the hole, called par.  The “strokes” include the number of tee shots or drives, fairway shots and chips or short shots taken to get the ball to the green and putts, shots on the green to get into the hole.

The length to the hole and the difficulty to get there determined the par of the hole.  Pars range from three to six.  Take for example a five par hole.  If you get the ball into the hole in five shots you “made par.”  If you were really good and made it in the hole in four shots you made a “birdie” and if you messed up and made it in six it’s called a “bogie.”

Just to make the game a little interesting the course designers will add sand traps, strategically placed trees, and bodies of water.  These are simply called “hazards.”  As a beginning golfer you probably want to look for courses with fewer hazards that are easier to play.

Players keep track of their own scores by marking the total number of shots at each hole.  At the end of the game the numbers are totaled for the final score.  The player with the lowest number of strokes wins.

This game looks so easy when the professionals play it.  But beginners need to realize that it takes a long time to get good at golf.  Golfers should not take themselves too seriously, just rely on the fact that practice makes better.

Give yourself the best chance to develop a proper swing by taking a few lessons in the beginning.

Seriously golf is just a game have fun and remember, you’re not at work and you are outside. Don’t forget your gps on the green, read more about Golf GPS Reviews before you purchase one.